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The Frenchtown Annual Tubing Float And Regatta was held on Sunday June 15, where hundreds of people float down the Chippewa River from Chippewa Falls to the Two Waters Bar in Hallie, in rafts, inner tubes and boats, on Fathers Day.

(Above) Christina Pirik is ready to head down the river with her yellow duck preserver.
(Right) A bunch of rafts and inner tubes get ready for the float down the river.
(Below) Kassie Retzoff laughs after falling off a cooler in one of the inner tubes.

(Above left) Brenton Leveis leads Steve Johnson and Tyler Krause as they swim towards a dock half way down the river. (Above right) John Long heads down the river in a sit-on-top kayak. (Below) Two of the larger rafts use a two by four to bring them together.

 (Left) Gwen Koll and Rob Troutman share a moment together on one of large rafts. (Above) Lana King floats down the river in her inner tube. (Below) Tracey raises her arms in victory as her friend Ryan Roppe seems a little worn out at the end of the float at Two Waters Bar in Hallie.